The content filtering you should use depends on the goal you try to achieve with the touchpoint. But there are always a couple of attributes we look at when making a filter.

URL: URL filtering can be helpful when you have multiple domains linked to the project. Especially when you have domains in various languages. For example, you have a Dutch, a German, and a French domain. You want to create a touchpoint for a Dutch journey, so to only show Dutch content, you could add 'URL contains .nl' to the targeting.

Image: We usually add 'Image is not empty' to ensure touchpoints won't show content without an image.

Stock: You don't want to be promoting items that are not available. That's why we use 'Stock is greater or equal to 1', filtering out content that is not in stock.

Visibility: For the Magento users, we add 'Visibility equals 4' to show the content when it should.

Tip: We recommend using content collections, so you do not need to manually create the same filtering for each touchpoint.

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