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Variables to use in touchpoint content filtering
Variables to use in touchpoint content filtering

In this article we will talk about the variables you can use in your touchpoint content filtering.

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So, you know you can use attributes in your touchpoints to show content fields. Next to that, you also have the option to use variables in content filtering. You can even combine some variables with attributes to filter the exact content items you want.


These 3 variables display the requested attribute of the variable.

To provide an example: will display use name of the item that is currently being viewed.
cart_item.image will use the image of the item(s) that is/are currently in the cart.
profile.favorite_brand will use the (probably custom) field favorite_brand of the profile the touchpoint needs to be shown to.

Other variables you can use related to the current situation:


You can also do a lot of content filtering based on time. All options can be found below:



{{number}} months ago
{{number}} days ago
{{number}} minutes ago
{{number}} weeks ago
{{number}} hours ago
in {{number}} months
in {{number}} days
in {{number}} minutes
in {{number}} weeks
in {{number}} hours

You can use these variables to display something when the selected criteria are met.

Examples of content filtering in touchpoints are:

event_date [greater or equal] in 1 days: This will check if the date the event takes place is either tomorrow or later. Events for today and in the past will not be displayed.

release_date [greater or equal] 7 days ago: This will only recommend content items with the attribute "release_date" set to 7 days ago or later.

brand [equal] current_item.brand: This content filtering will only recommend content items with the same brand as the content item the visitor is looking at.

REMINDER: These variables are to be used in content FILTERING.

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