Embedded content troubleshooting

This article helps you to troubleshoot why your embedded content touchpoints aren’t showing.

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When previewing, are you previewing on the correct page URL?

When you click on “Live preview” when viewing/editing the touchpoint, we will add a test parameter to your domain name, like https://www.yourdomain.com/?touchpoint=1234567890987654321

You can copy the parameter ?touchpoint=1234567890987654321 and add it to the page you are adding embedded content to.

It isn’t showing and I’m on the correct page URL with the test parameter!

Are you using the correct variables? For showing a single item you need to use the variables as follows {{item.VARIABLE}}, for multiple items it needs to be {{VARIABLE}} in the #each loop. Also, are all variables you use present in the content items you filtered/selected?

Is your embedded content still not displaying? Send us a chat and let us know on what page it should appear. Also let us know what touchpoint we need to check by pasting the sharing URL:

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