Creating a review tool touchpoint

This article explains how to create a review tool touchpoint.

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First, connect your review tool within our integrations. After integrating your review tool, it will take some time before the content item appears in the frontend under the content tab.

In the content tab, you can filter on “source”, where you will find the source of the review tool. Another option is to filter on item type, where you can select review-stats”. In the top right, click the green button to save the content item as a collection.

Give the collection a fitting name:

Now head over to the desired touchpoint and go to the content tab. Select the collection you have just made.

Now all is set to make the touchpoint dynamic. You can learn more about making fields dynamic over here.

Go to appearance → elements and fill in the notification you want to show. For Trustpilot, the total number of people who reviewed is visible under the field “count,” and the score is set under “score_score”.

Fill in the title with the following line of text:

<strong>{{item.count}} customers</strong> rate us with a <strong>{{item.score_score}}</strong>

Now save the touchpoint and preview the touchpoint after saving. You will then see the values being filled with fields from the review tool item.

You have now successfully created a review tool touchpoint.

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