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This article provides information about Datatrics' touchpoints.

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What is a Touchpoint?

Before talking about actually creating and using them, let's take a moment and talk about the actual meaning of a Touchpoint. A Touchpoint is a moment of contact with the visitor. This can be through one of many different channels. Prominent examples of this are:

  1. Website: The visitor comes to your website and visits a specific page. When this happens, you want to display specific information to entice the visitor into a conversion.

  2. Email: The visitor has been on your website and filled in his email address for your newsletter. You can use this newsletter to make contact with the visitor. The email seen by the customer is a Touchpoint.

What do you use Touchpoints for?

When a customer comes in contact with your company we call this a Touchpoint. When such a moment presents itself you do want to make sure you use this to your benefit. It is important to look at the visitor’s current position and where you want this visitor to go. An example:

  • The visitor has visited your website multiple times and has looked at a couple of different Chromebooks. In this situation, you would want to entice the visitor into buying one of these Chromebooks. Using this information you can create a notification that displays the best Chromebook for this visitor (based on our "most relevant" algorithm, maybe with extra ruling/filtering).

Creating a Touchpoint

Now that we know what a Touchpoint is, let’s talk about actually creating them and using them on our platform. On the screenshot below you can see how to create one.

You have the option to create a touchpoint in any of the 4 buying phases. If you are creating a touchpoint in a campaign, however, you do not need to select a buying phase.

After clicking on the Add Touchpoint button, the following menu will open up.

In this menu, you decide what Touchpoint you want to create. You also have the option to customize the Touchpoint to your preferences.

When creating a Touchpoint you have 2 options.

  1. Using our templates

  2. Creating a new one from scratch

Our templates should cover most of the standard things you would want to do with your platform. Let’s however talk about creating one from scratch.

When you click the Create new Touchpoint button, the following window will open up

On this page, you are first asked to select the channel you want to integrate. Currently, we support the website and Email. The others will follow in the future.

Touchpoint types


After clicking on the website button, the following menu opens up:

The first thing you are asked is the Touchpoint type that you want to use. The following options are available:

  • Recommendation: You can use this to recommend the correct products to the correct visitors.

  • Popup: A popup can be displayed on the screen. This is useful for call-to-action situations. An appropriate moment to use this touchpoint is when you want to display information on exit intent.

  • Embedded: If you don’t want to work with external popups or recommendation windows, you can embed content directly into your website. This makes the content look like it is a direct part of your website. This is generally helpful when trying to recommend products that are within the category the visitor is browsing.

  • Search Recommendation: When a visitor types something in the search bar, this Touchpoint has the option to recommend products by recommending items based on the filled-in search.


After clicking on the Mail button, this page opens up:

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