Touchpoint positions

This article describes the meaning of positions and how to create those in your touchpoints

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In the touchpoint builder, you need to specify the position where the template should appear. Datatrics already offers some default positions, such as pop-up, bottom left, top right, etc. If you want to choose more advanced positions to display your touchpoints on the website, you need to create your own.

Creating embedded positions

You can create embedded positions by manually choosing and entering a CSS selector yourself, or choose it using the 'Select position' button.

After clicking this button, you will be taken to the desired page. Here, select the element you wish to use in your embedded touchpoint. This can be done by simply clicking on the element.

After clicking on an element, a window opens with the CSS selector that you can use in the touchpoint by copying it.

Another way is to open the website inspector and choose the appropriate element from it, and copy it.

After selecting and specifying the correct page type and CSS selector, you need to save the position.

Creating notification positions

If you do not like the default positions from Datatrics, you can use this option to choose the right size and location for the notifications on the website. A possible reason to deviate from this is the presence of a banner or support button on your website that should not be overwritten by Datatrics.

Tip: use the preview button for an indication of its position on the website. We recommend using the default positions if possible.

Creating conversational positions

Creating conversational positions can be done in the same way as notification positions. In the vast majority of cases, the default bottom left or bottom right of Datatrics is chosen.

Note: You can also create a conversational button that matches the style of your website.

Creating search positions

For search positions, you need to select the CSS selector just like Embedded positions. Search positions should be taken from the search bar element on the website. Other positions will not work.

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