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Add dynamic content to your emails
Adding a dynamic feed to a Deployteq template
Adding a dynamic feed to a Deployteq template

This article describes how to create an email feed touchpoint for Deployteq (formerly Clang & CanopyDeploy) and how to add it to a template.

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  • Note: adding dynamic feeds are currently only available in the previous version of the touchpoint builder. You can find this option below in the current touchpoint builder.

Make sure you have a smart campaign set up where you can add the email touchpoint to. You can leave the audience targeting blank, but make sure you add the right conversion(s) to the campaign.

Create a touchpoint with the type Mail > Feed:

In the next step of creating the touchpoint, you can filter or select which content can be shown to the recipients of the email which contains the feed. Datatrics will show the most potential content to every recipient.

Next, head back to the campaign and click on "view" when hovering your cursor on the touchpoint.

You will need the code above (red arrow) later on.

Now head over to Deployteq and create a template you want to add the dynamic feed to.

In the Editor, paste the following code (inside the <body>):

<h2>Recommended for you</h2>
{{capture assign='rssdatatrics'}}<<projectid>>&touchpoint=<<touchpointid>>&output=xmlitems&limit=3&profilesource=Clang&profileid={{customer field='id'}}{{/capture}}
{{getRss assign='datatricsproducten' link=$rssdatatrics}}
        {{foreach from=$datatricsproducten.item item='item'}}
<a href="{{$item.url}}"><img height="100" src="{{$item.image}}"></a><br>
€ {{$item.price}}<br>
<a href="{{$item.url}}"><button>View item</button></a><br>

You need to change the <<projectid>> and <<touchpointid>> of the code above, with the values of the code you got from the touchpoint you made in Datatrics (the code with the red arrow above).

At the preview tab, you will find the recommendations, filled with content from the feed. You can add any styling to the code you want, you can also change the amount of items in the feed URL by changing the “limit” parameter.

If you're experiencing delays in sending your personalized campaigns, there's another way of sending campaigns by prefetching personalized content first. Please read this [English] [Dutch] documentation to set this up.

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