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Adding extra fields within your items in Datatrics
Adding extra fields within your items in Datatrics

This document describes adding extra fields in your content items within Datatrics.

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It can be tricky to add new fields in some content sources so that Datatrics can synchronize them. However, adding extra fields within an existing source is possible via our custom importer.

It’s possible to perform this action with a .CSV or XML file. Note that after adding fields with a .CSV, these fields will not be alterable anymore.

In this example, I will be adding an extra field for one content item.

When adding an extra field to an existing source, make sure that you use the exact itemid’s of the existing items and the name of the existing item.

After completing your XML or CSV document, go to the custom importer. Make sure to fill in the exact source name as the name of the already connected source. In my case, the name of the source is: PrestaShop-en

Click next, select the itemid as a unique identifier and the “name” as item name, and click next.

Next up, map the field(s) you would like to add to the current content source.

In my example, I will add a label to one content item currently in sale.

Ensure that you are not exceeding 1000 unique fields, or use identifiers that conflict with existing fields with the same name, as this will cause the import to fail.

Click next, and finish the import after mapping the new fields. When done correctly, it will show a green checkmark.

Now go to your content selection, and search for an item to see if the field has correctly been added. In this case, it’s itemid 12.

After finding and inspecting one item, we can conclude that the new field “label” with sale as a value has been correctly added.

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