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This document describes how to import category pages within Datatrics.

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To upload category pages within Datatrics, make sure you have either a .CSV or XML file where a categoryid, name, and URL is defined. Save the file as a comma-separated .CSV file.

Use the following structure for XML files:

If you need more information about adding categories to your content items, please see the following document.

Next up, head over to the custom importer and click the create import button.

Choose a fitting name for your import, and click on the content option “Category.”

You can upload your .CSV file or load an XML file from an URL in the following window. As a unique identifier, choose “categoryid,” and as item name, select the defined “name.” Click next.

Now you can map the fields for your category pages. Map the name as, and URL as item.url both as a string.

After this, complete your import. All category pages will now be uploaded within Datatrics.

You can find the different pages using the following API-call:

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