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Are categories linked to my website, and is the content linked to it?
Are categories linked to my website, and is the content linked to it?

In order to make recommendations on websites based on categories, it’s essential that Datatrics recognizes the categories on the website.

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To recognize the categories, Datatrics needs to link a categoryid to the exact URL of the website. The only way to identify these categories is by placing them in a categories object within your items.

In some content sources (Magento / Lightspeed / Shopware), the platform can automatically recognize the categories when configured correctly. However, this is not always the case, and some actions need to be performed.

Other content sources only send one or more categoryid’s within an item. See the following example:

A .CSV needs to be imported with a categoryid, name, and URL when this is the case. After this is imported, we can match the categoryid to the URL of the website. You can read more about that here.

When connecting a custom XML feed, or a Channable feed, you can manually add the URL, name, and categoryid to the categories object. When this has been performed, we will automatically match the items with the categoryid to the URL of the content. You can read more about adding multiple categories in a Channable feed here. The categories object will look like the following image:

When sending the categories object with items via the API or the Custom Importer, we cannot automatically recognize them. In that case, you will need to upload a .CSV with the category pages as shared above.

After ensuring that the categories are connected to your content, it’s important to do another check on your website or via the API.

Go to the Datatrics platform, and in the top right, click on the question mark.

You will see another pane open. Click on “Open debugger”

You will now be forwarded to your website. Now go to a category page. If recognized correctly, the debugger will show you that it has been identified.

When clicking on the “more information” button on the content item within the debugger, you can see how many products are being recognized on the category page.

Another way to see if your category pages are being identified is with our API. You can use the following API-endpoint to see all of the categories on your website:

If you want to check one category page, you can use the following endpoint:

When the response is successful, you will get a response that resembles the image above from the Datatrics debugger.

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