In my example I have used a google document to arrange multiple categories mapped under the element <categories> within Channable, however any type of document with product data that is accepted by Channable should work the same way.

In your document you should create three rows (e.g: categoryid, categoryurl and categoryname).

Where applicable you then list the different categories within these fields under each item. You can split multiple categories with " | " in a single field. See the below example:

After this is done, you can upload the desired document in Channable.

When the item upload has been completed successfully, create a new Datatrics feed in Channable under the tab "Feeds".

In your newly created feed, go to the "Rules" section.

Here it is important to split the three category fields you have created in the document (categoryid, categoryurl, categoryname), so all the categories can be mapped under the element <categories>.

You can do this with the "split text to list" option.
If "all" then take "categoryid" and "split text to list" split on " | "
when you have done this for all three fields, press save to save these rules.

See below screenshot:

Now you have to map the different fields. Go to the tab "Finalize" in your feed.

Map the fields the same way as shown in the screenshot below:

When the mapping of all the fields are finished, press the button "save & run".

Now check to see the results in the "Preview" tab, you will effectively see different categories mapped under the element <categories>.

See the below screenshot:

You have now successfully added multiple categories to a single item in Channable that can be used in Datatrics.

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