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Is my content identified on my website?
Is my content identified on my website?

This document explains how to check if your content will be recognized by Datatrics.

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After connecting your content source to Datatrics, it’s good to check if the content is identified on your website. This is needed for us to recognize the products visible in Datatrics, and can especially be handy if you want to place touchpoints and notifications on product pages.

You can check this by opening the debugger within Datatrics. On the top right, you can find a “help” button.

Click on the button, and open the debugger.

You will now be forwarded to your website, and you will see that the debugger has loaded. Now click on a product page.

When successful, you will see that the product has been identified by Datatrics.

Another way of checking if your product pages are recognized is using our API.

You can use the following API-call:

When the product page has been recognized, you will see the data within the response.

Now you’ve successfully checked if your content has been recognized by Datatrics.

If the content is not recognized, the product URLs should be checked within your source system. We need to have an exact match on the product within Datatrics, and the product on the website. When that is the case, we should be able to recognize the products successfully.

If there is not an exact match on the URL, we will look at the slug of the URL to see if we can find a match on the product page.

Furthermore, if we cannot find a match on the product page, and the page has more than 5 products of which none is a category page, we will use the first product we can find and use it to identify the page.

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