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How to check if my content is present within Datatrics?
How to check if my content is present within Datatrics?

This document explains how to check if your content does exist in Datatrics.

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You’ve got many ways of connecting content to Datatrics. When you have a source system like LightSpeed, Magento, WooCommerce, the content will be loaded to the Datatrics platform after connecting.

However, if you have a custom CMS, you will need to create and upload an XML feed, Channable feed, or use the API to send content to the Datatrics platform.

After connecting the right source for you, it can take a little while before the content is present within the platform. It can take up to an hour before the content is loaded.

However, after connecting the content source, you could check our API to see if you can find the content items. You can create your API key following this link.

The API-endpoint to use is the following:

When the response is successful and items can be found, you will get a response on your endpoint:

After waiting a little while, approx one to two hours, you will see the content within the platform. You can find all the content under the content tab.

Within the content tab, you can find all the items that have been uploaded from the source.

Now you can use this content within your content recommendations.

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