Importing content into Datatrics

This article describes why and how you need to add content to Datatrics.

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Before you start getting the most out of Datatrics, you’ll need to connect the right channels. With over 90 different integrations available, there is a wide variety of data that can be imported into the platform.

The import of content is one of the most important tasks you have to finish before you can start making use of the platform, but you can’t properly display the correct content on the designated pages if the page recognition isn’t set right.

For example, if you want to make use of our recommendation strategy for recommending the most popular items on a certain category page, the page should be recognized first. Therefore, we have written a helpful guide to support you with this, click here.

Other examples of data you could import, and why they matter are item attributes and categories.

Product attributes could include information concerning imported product items that you would like to recommend to your customers. Think of attributes like the name of the product, an image of the product, the price of the product, and the categories to which it belongs. Some of the attributes we recommend to use as a bare minimum are:

- Name

- Description


- Image

- Stock

- Price

- Special_price (for items on sale)

- Category

Besides these, we encourage you to be as creative as possible and add more attributes so you can add as much flavor as possible to your touchpoints. You can find some inspiration here. If you find yourself coming up with a creative setup, don’t feel shy and share it with others in the community.

It is important to find out which data you want to import and see which possibilities are available. Data that can be imported ranges from product items to user reviews. We have categorized over 15 different types of data that you can import! An overview of all the integrations and types of integrations can be found within the platform. Click here to see all the integrations.

Product Feed

If you have an XML feed following the Google Product Feed guidelines, you can fill in the feed URL where we can find the feed. Datatrics can read and import the products from the feed right away. For a summarised overview of the XML structure visit:

Customer Importer

Lastly, we also offer a custom content importer. Where you can choose between uploading an XML or CSV file with your data. The importer offers functionalities such as uploading a file, uploading through URL, mapping your data, and creating a content selection based on the import.

Encountering Hiccups

If you find yourself having trouble with connecting one of these channels, visit our help center, where we have posted dozens of helpful articles to help you connect the desired channels. The articles provide step-by-step overviews and help you start getting the most out of the platform as fast as possible.

Whenever a new integration becomes available within the platform, we will be updating the help center with new documentation. A great way to keep up-to-date with the latest developments is by visiting our community page.

Tip! The community is also a great environment to find inspiration and read about questions of other customers.

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