How can I complement content items from a different source?

Read this article when adding extra attributes from a different source

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What does this mean?

You might have imported content from a source like Magento, PrestaShop, or Shopify. Sometimes, the content lacks attributes you want to use in Datatrics. Think about extra data like stock info, marges, categories, or product information.

How can I do this?

You need to import this extra source by using the content importer with the XML option, as the CSV option does not work. The source name should match the primary source exactly. So if the first source is called Shopify, you should also name the importer ‘Shopify’.

In the XML, the itemIDs should match the itemIDs from the primary source. This way, the items from the extra source complement those from the primary source.

  • Important note: Attributes already used in the primary source are not permitted in the extra source. So if there’s already a description in the primary source, you should exclude this from importing. The only exception is itemid.

  • Important note 2: Do not import items that do not exist in the primary source. Otherwise, you will import new items lacking all the primary attributes.


Imagine having content items that need more information about stocks. This example shows us a content item from the source ‘main_source’. The itemid of this item is ‘1a’.

We must import an XML feed with the same itemIDs and names to complement this item. The source name should be ‘main_source’.

Note that the name and URL are excluded from importing, and the new attribute stock is added.

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