This article helps you to learn the difference between Customer Journeys, Smart Campaigns and Hybrid Campaigns. It also helps decide what option is best for the message you want to set up.

Customer Journeys

Customer journeys are used to serve relevant content for each buying phase of your customer’s personal journey. You can add touchpoints to each buying phase that match with content your customers want to see in each buying phase. Examples for touchpoints in the buying phases are:

Orientation phase:
Newsletter signup, showing USP’s

Comparison phase:
Product recommendations

Decision phase:
Persuasive content

Evaluation phase:
Social icons, upsell

Note: Customers can only be in one customer journey at a time. This enables you to set up different customer journeys where Datatrics will put the customer in the customer journey with the highest potential for them.

Smart campaigns

Smart campaigns enable you to serve relevant content to specific audiences based on your business ruling. You should use Smart campaigns to serve content to audiences, without targeting their buying phases.

For example, you can use these campaigns when setting up embedded content you want to show to everyone on certain pages, for campaigns with a schedule (like a Christmas campaign), or campaigns with specific rules (for example UTM-parameter targeting & exit-intent popups on the cart page).

Hybrid campaigns

These campaigns are a mix of your own rules and the help of Datatrics’ algorithms. Also, follow-up messages are possible since you can draw your own flow and only show certain messages after others have been shown. These flows start with a trigger you can set up yourself. Additionally, actions can be added to the flow to add or remove profiles to segments, to wait for a certain amount of time, to split the flow, or even to trigger a webhook.

Which one should I use?

Want to show different touchpoints to an audience where the content should be different per buying phase? Copy/create and set up a customer journey.

Want to show one or more touchpoints where the buying phases don’t matter and also the timing is irrelevant, or the algorithms can choose which touchpoint to show first based on potential? Copy/create and set up a Smart campaign.

Want to show one or more touchpoints where timing is key, or do you only want to show touchpoints after certain behavior is shown by a customer? Copy/create and set up a Hybrid campaign.

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