Setting up A/B Testing

In order to set up customer journeys and smart campaigns, you will need to set a show/hide group ratio for your project.

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How does A/B Testing work in Datatrics?

You can set A/B testing percentages in the platform. The way this approach works is when a visitor is on your website and is about to see a touchpoint (because the audience targeting is met), a randomizer script will determine which A/B testing label the visitor will get. The change of which label the visitor gets is the percentage you set in the project settings of your project.

Show campaigns to every visitor

After the visitor/profile got their A/B testing label, they keep this label forever, and the label is one of the following two: Show or Hide. Profiles with the label Show always see Datatrics' touchpoints. The profiles with the label Hide never do. The only exception is when you create Campaigns with a 100% A/B testing setting.

Sending events to GA

It doesn't matter if a touchpoint is shown or it should have been shown to someone with a Hide label; we always send an event to ourselves and Google Analytics at this time. This is so you can see the performance of a touchpoint. You only want to compare people who saw a touchpoint to people in the same context, the ones who should have seen it, not the total group of people with the label Hide.

Different A/B percentages per domain

We know a lot of our customers use different A/B testing settings for a phased rollout, like different domains or languages. This is why we included an extra setting to be able to change the percentage based on URL. You can still have different A/B testing percentages, but make sure the groups of profiles don't overlap.

Does Datatrics perform great?

You can (gradually) increase the show rate when you are satisfied with the performance. This leads to more new visitors seeing Datatrics content, and thus (relatively) more visitors reaching your goal with Datatrics.

To start, an increase of 10-20% is a safe way to generate more visitors with the 'show' label. Please note, there will be no performance data when the Datatrics or control group is disabled.

Show/Hide forcing

If you want to test touchpoints live on the website, you can place yourself in the show group. This can be done by adding ?abgroup=show after the website URL. So, for example,

This only needs to be done once as you won't change the show/hide group after that.

If you don't want to see Datatrics touchpoints, you can place yourself in the hide group. This can be done by adding ?abgroup=hide after the website URL.

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