This article explains the three campaign types Datatrics offers and their differences.

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Smart campaigns

Smart campaigns enable you to serve relevant content to specific audiences based on your business ruling. You should use Smart campaigns to serve content to audiences, without targeting their buying phases.

  • Campaigns overrule customer journeys of your choice. This means that a visitor that matches your campaign's audience will see the campaign content before the customer journey content. If a popup is being shown by the campaign, a popup in your customer journey will not be shown. This is because only one popup is allowed per page view.

  • Campaigns are more narrow than customer journeys. You will generally focus them on a specific goal with more specified content.

  • Campaigns can be set to 100%. When this happens, they will be excluded from the A/B test and will thus not receive a show or hide label. This means that visitors who apply to this campaign’s targeting will see the touchpoints regardless of the A/B label.

For example, you can use these campaigns when setting up embedded content you want to show to everyone on certain pages. Think about a summer campaign when the weather is sunny. Also for specific events or holidays, you want to use smart campaigns.

Hybrid campaigns

These campaigns are a mix of your own rules and the help of Datatrics’ algorithms. Also, follow-up messages are possible since you can draw your own flow and only show certain messages after others have been shown.

These flows start with a website trigger you can set up yourself. Additionally, actions can be added to the flow to add or remove profiles to segments, wait for a certain amount of time, split the flow, or even trigger a webhook.

Hybrid campaigns have lots of use cases, like:

  • Send real 50/50 A/B touchpoints

  • Abandoned cart campaigns

  • Mailing automations (send an email with last seen items)

Check this article for lots more inspiration!

Conversational campaigns

This kind of campaign can be used to create a conversation with your website visitors. By clicking on a button a pop-up opens. You can create your own messages and options here. You can even embed recommendations to use this as a shopping assistant. Based on the options people choose, you can add them to a segment or add a profile field to the profiles.

You can use this kind of campaign for:

  • Creating a shopping assistant based on someone’s preferences.

  • Introduce visitors to different kinds of content

  • Create a FAQ section

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