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This article describes where you can find reports in Datatrics

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As you know we use A/B-Testing as a method to compare the Datatrics content to the non-Datatrics content. But it's also important we talk about the ways in which you can see these statistics.

  • Project Level: You can view these statistics project wide. This overview shows you everything you have set up and its performance. This is a great way to see how you're generally doing but doesn't really help you when you want to see what specifically has most room for improvement

  • Journey Level: It is possible to take a look at one single journey and see exactly how that one is performing. This is best used when you have multiple journeys and see which one has more potential to improve.

  • Campaign Level: This is very similar to looking at your statistics on a journey level. This time however you are looking at the performance of a specific campaign.

  • Touchpoint level: It is possible to go even deeper into the analytics by looking at the performance of individual touchpoints in your journeys / campaigns. This allows you to see which ones are performing well and which ones aren't. It's even possible to see the performance of recommended content items, so you can see which content recommendations result in the highest conversion increase.

A good way to use these analytics combined is first looking at the project level analytics to see what's going on generally. You can then look at the individual journeys / campaigns to see which one is performing worst. Then finally you dive into the touchpoints of that specific journey / campaign to look for ways to improve it.

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