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Sending hybrid triggers to Piggy
Sending hybrid triggers to Piggy

This article describes how to send triggers from Datatrics’ hybrid campaigns to triggers for automated campaigns.

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  • For integrating Piggy in Datatrics, we would suggest you read this article.

  • All the syncs happen every hour, like profile syncs, except for triggered-based syncs.

As Piggy does not register website events, Datatrics can help to send website-based triggers to Piggy to send event-based emails.

With Datatrics, it is possible through Hybrid Campaigns to send website triggers to Piggy for triggered-based mailing. You can use this, for example, when someone with more than xx points and a certain online shopping cart value sends a campaign mail from Piggy to redeem xx points for an xx% discount and complete the order.

Other use cases could be: Order now and get xx discount, or you will get xx extra points when ordering offline in your preferred physical store.

To configure this, you will need to create an automated email in Piggy to send the emails and a hybrid campaign trigger in Datatrics to send triggers to Piggy.

Automated email in Piggy

To start, create an automated email in Piggy that needs to be triggered by Datatrics. This should be done in the Marketing 2.0 tab in Piggy:

Next, create an email that suits your use case, like the complete your order email that was mentioned above. When you’re done, activate the automation.

Hybrid campaign in Datatrics

Now, create a hybrid campaign with a Piggy trigger. This trigger will be visible and able to drag and drop once the integration is made.

Select the automation to which the trigger needs to be sent.

Note: it can take up to an hour (as Datatrics syncs hourly) to retrieve the activated automation from Piggy.

That's why we suggest creating email automations before creating hybrid campaigns.

After activating the hybrid campaign in Datatrics, you’re set and done!

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