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Introduction to templates and the touchpoint builder
Introduction to templates and the touchpoint builder

This article provides an overview of the templates section and the touchpoint builder.

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To make the process of creating website touchpoints easier, we have redesigned this process. With this, we hope that creating touchpoints through the drag-and-drop principle will become easier and that repetitive work will be avoided.


With templates, we offer an easier approach to creating your website touchpoints, both embedded and notification. With this approach, it should be possible to create layouts for touchpoints with as little front-end coding as possible. Now it is possible to reuse templates for multiple touchpoints. If you want to know more about templates, you should read this article. If you want to know more or gain inspiration about the possibilities of the content elements in templates, you definitely want to read this article.


Templates will be assigned to a position on the website where the touchpoint will show. When creating notifications or conversational campaigns, you could use Datatrics’ default positions or create your own custom positions. The embedded and search positions need to be configured by yourself. Read more about how to configure positions in this article.

Touchpoint builder

After creating your desired template, you need to place this template at a touchpoint. Therefore, we reworked the touchpoint builder. This function will guide you through the process of making touchpoints. By using this flow step-by-step, you can provide your template with content, targeting, and other settings. Check this article to learn more about the touchpoint builder.

Creating notifications, blocks, or carousels

If you want to upgrade your knowledge about creating these kind of touchpoints, you really should consider reading the following articles:

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