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After clicking on “Content” in the header inside the platform, the content section opens default on “All content items”. This dashboard contains everything you need about the content you imported or synchronized.

Selecting content

In this overview, you are able to select content and create a content collection from the selection you made by clicking on the “Add rule” button. Please read this article to get to know more about content collections.

Selecting content based on item attributes works quite naturally. You can select items from a specific brand if the attribute “brand” does exist. After selecting the attribute you want to filter on, you see the number of available items appear. Note that the quick filter is limited as not all attributes can be selected. Numeric values like prices do not work with this filter.

It is possible to combine multiple filters. If you want to see the best-reviewed items from a specific brand, you can filter on the attributes “brand” and “score” at the same time.

After selecting both values, the content items that are true for both values will be returned.

Content items

The content items can be ordered on their name, the number of sales, and when the content was updated. You can also choose the source of the content that needs to appear.

It is possible to view content items individually and in-depth. Simply by clicking on one of the items, a new window will appear including the attributes of any single item. At the top right of the window, you can copy the URL of the item by clicking on the share button. Editing and removing a custom content item is available here as well using the 3 dots right above the content items.

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