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How to decrease your bounce rate
How to decrease your bounce rate
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Before we give tips, let’s be sure everyone knows exactly what a bounce rate is. When people visit your website they have the option to either look around or leave. Bounce rate is calculated by looking at the percentage of people that leave without visiting another page on your website. It’s important to note that average bounce rates are higher the less pages you have (blogs for example generally have high bounce rates).

Alright, now that we are clear on the term, let’s dive into some tips.

  • The most important thing to do is doing something with the visitor’s exit intent. This means that you want to do something the moment the visitor shows interest in leaving your website. This is done by tracking the mouse movement of your visitor to see whether they start moving towards the the top of the website and leave the window to close your webpage. Want to know how to do this in Datatrics? Check out this link!

  • When a visitor comes to your website there needs to be something that catches their attention. You can create embedded content on your website that shows the products of your choice. Are you currently running a big sale? Have some of your most popular items be displayed on the homepage. Want to know how to set up embedded content? This link will help you out.

  • Another option is showing your visitors the USP of your company / website. You can show your USP in a recommendation touchpoint to every visitor who has 1 page view in their current session. You can set this up by creating a touchpoint in a campaign and setting the audience settings to "Pageviews on current session // equal or more // 1". Don't forget to set a frequency cap so it doesn't constantly display.

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