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How to decrease your abandoned cart rate
How to decrease your abandoned cart rate
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We all dislike abandoned carts. Visitors seem like they want to buy something and then just disappear. We can focus on 2 aspects of this problem, keeping them on the page and bringing them back. We have a tip for both aspects right here.

Create a popup that deals with exit intent on the shopping cart page

You want to make sure that once people have items in their shopping cart, they finish the purchase. When people are on your shopping cart page and show an interest in leaving your website, it is very important you do something to prevent them leaving. You can set this up in Datatrics by adding an exit intent popup. Datatrics can keep track of the user's mouse movement and when they are on the shopping cart page and move their mouse to the upper right corner, this popup will trigger. This popup is generally used to present the customer a discount, free shipping or even a free product if they order now. Read more about this here!

Create an abandoned cart email flow

When you either do not want to present your visitors a popup or just want to double down on stopping lonely carts, you can set up an email flow to help.
When people have products in their shopping cart they have shown that they are at least a bit interested in the products you are offering. They may have been short on time or wanted to do some more research. You can remind these visitors of their shopping cart by sending them an email containing the items they had in their shopping cart. If you want to make it even more enticing, you can add a discount, free shipping or free product to the mail.
โ€‹You can set this up in Datatrics by creating a hybrid campaign that looks at items in visitors' shopping cart. You can then set a timer to check the shopping cart again later. If the items are still in the shopping cart, you can send the visitor an email containing the items in their shopping cart. Find out more here!

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