With Datatrics’ Audience section, you can create segments to use for your advertising campaigns or your remarketing strategy.

With segments based on their behavior on the website, you can create groups of users based on if they are returning visitors or how engaged they are with the shop.

Keep in mind: If you want to create a segment that groups users who follow all the rules you set, you have to click on “all the rules”.

If you select “one or more rules” the segment will be populated with users that meet at least one rule but not always both.

Likely to convert: returning visitors with more than X(3) website visits in the last X(2) days.

You can create a segment based on the number of website visits in the past week. When someone keeps coming back but has not converted yet, you can still persuade them by showing relevant content.

This can be done, for example, by showing the most recently viewed content.

How to create the segment: Behavior: target returning visitors - Behavior: number of visits is greater than ‘3’ - set timeframe ‘2 days’.


  • Show an ad with the recently viewed item(s).

  • Send a dedicated newsletter with a product promotion or additional information that might lead the user to convert


As you can read in this article, there are many different possibilities to create relevant segments in Datatrics. Hopefully, you've been inspired to get started segmenting your targeting groups! Do you have any questions, or do you have ideas for interesting segments? Go to the Datatrics Community and share it!

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