With Datatrics’ Audience section, you can create segments to use for your advertising campaigns or your remarketing strategy.

With segments based on location, you can group users based on where they are located when they connect to your website. You can use these segments to target users based on their city, region, or country.

The location is calculated via a GEOcaching module and hosting.

Keep in mind: If you want to create a segment that groups users who follow all the rules you set, you have to click on “all the rules”.

If you select “one or more rules,” the segment will be populated with users that meet at least one rule but not always both.

Segments based on location

Based on their location: it can include people from a specific country, region or city. You can use this segment if you want to send an email with specific product recommendations, for example, for people from a warmer part of your country or you offer physical services only in selected locations.

How to create the segment: Create a new segment → Add rule → Geographic → City/Country/Region

Based on proximity: you can create a segment for people who connect based on the proximity of a location (for example, people who connect within 5 km from Milan). This segment can be helpful if you have a physical store or offer services in different places and you want to send dedicated emails to people from a specific location. For example, if you’re going to create a newsletter only for those near your physical store to promote shopping there, you can sync this segment to your email tool.

How to create the segment: Create a new segment → Add rule → Geographic → Location → “is in a range of [value] kilometres


  • Sometimes an item is out of stock online, but they have stock in a nearby store. With targeting based on the location, you can give the customer a personalized message to send them towards the nearest store.

  • During the pandemic, a lot of companies offer to click and collect. You can send these messages to people near a specific shop location. They don’t have to wait days for their products to be delivered, but they can get it themselves.

  • Some products do have sales, but not online. You can send this message to people near a particular shop to persuade them to visit you and let them use the offline discount.


As you can read in this article, there are many different possibilities to create relevant segments in Datatrics. Hopefully, you've been inspired to get started segmenting your targeting groups! Do you have any questions, or do you have ideas for new segments? Go to the Datatrics Community and share it!

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