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Adding a dynamic feed to a MailUp template
Adding a dynamic feed to a MailUp template

This article describes how to create an email feed touchpoint for MailUp and how to add it to a template.

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  • Note: adding dynamic feeds are currently only available in the previous version of the touchpoint builder. You can find this option below in the current touchpoint builder.

Personalization endpoints are a premium feature in MailUp and can be activated at an additional cost. Please contact MailUp to activate this feature.

Make sure you have a smart campaign set up where you can add the email touchpoint to. You can leave the audience targeting blank, but make sure you add the right conversion(s) to the campaign.

Create a touchpoint with the type Mail > Feed:

In the next step of creating the touchpoint, you can filter or select which content can be shown to the recipients of the email which contains the feed. Datatrics will show the most potential content to every recipient.

Next up, publish the touchpoint with the green button on the bottom of the page. When MailUp is connected, we will automatically make the feed available in your MailUp project.

Note: This can take up to an hour to show up. To check if it has been added, log in to your MailUp project and head over to Settings > Advanced settings > Advanced personalization and check if the API endpoint is added:

Now (head over to MailUp and) create a template you want to add the dynamic feed to. At the overview, under advanced settings, enable advanced personalization:

Now edit your template and add an HTML block to it:

In the HTML block, enter the following HTML code:

    <img src="{{Content[0].image}}" style="max-width:200px;max-height:200px" />
    <a href="{{Content[0].url}}"><button>View item</button></a>

This code will add the first item (index starts at 0) of the Datatrics feed to the template, you can add more HTML blocks and replace [0] in the code with [1] & [2]. It is also possible to change all HTML code, just make sure is stays valid and you don’t change the parameters between the curly brackets.

If you want to add more than 3 items to a template, you need to change the limit of the feed. This can be done at Settings > Advanced settings > Advanced personalization > Endpoint:

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