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I see two GetVisualSelectedBoxes in the network events of the browser Developer console. Is it normal?
I see two GetVisualSelectedBoxes in the network events of the browser Developer console. Is it normal?
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If you are verifying the correct placement of our tracking script and notice multiple GetVisualSelectedBoxes events in the network tab of your browser's Developer Console, it does not necessarily mean that the placement needs to be corrected.

If your website has a service worker enabled, in the Network tab you will see one request made from the client to the worker, and then another from the worker to the server. This does not mean that there are two pixels in your website.

On the other hand, if your website does not have a service worker enabled and you see multiple GetVisualSelectedBoxes in the network events, it could be that the pixel has been installed in several ways, e.g. either with one of our integrations or through GTM.

How to spot the difference?

Service worker enabled

In the following image, we see the Network tab of a website with a service worker enabled. We can recognize it because one of the events has a gear icon at the start of the name column, and the other event has the (ServiceWorker) tag in the size column.

In this case, there are no issues and the tracking script is correctly placed.

Multiple pixels installed

In the image below we see two identical GetVisualSelectedBoxes events: this means there are two Datatrics tracking scripts on the website, and this configuration might cause issues.

If you encounter this situation, our tracking pixel might have been installed in more than one method (e.g. both on GTM and one of the other available methods depending on the type of platform) or if it has only been installed on GTM, the tag is likely set to be triggered more than once in the same page.

To fix this issue, you should use only one of our possible ways to implement our tracking script or, if you opted for an implementation via GTM, make sure you are followed the instructions from this article.

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