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How to calculate the extra revenue from Datatrics
How to calculate the extra revenue from Datatrics

This article explains how to calculate the additional revenue within Datatrics.

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You can find the Additional Revenue for a certain period in the A/B Testing section of your project.

The following example shows that the Additional revenue for the period 01/08/2022 - 31/08/2022 is 7.596,78€:

How is this value determined and how can it be calculated by yourself?

If you are in the A/B testing section in your Datatrics Project, open your browser's Developer console by pressing the F12 key on your keyboard or by right-clicking the page with your mouse and selecting inspect, then select Network and type Stats in the search filter.

By refreshing the webpage you will see the hide and show information (users, conversions, etc.).

With the below details, you can calculate the Additional Revenue:

Source: Datatrics

Touchpoints show (Datatrics group)

Touchpoints Hide (Control group)





€ 125.090,80

€ 24.823,10

Revenue / User

€ 7,94

€ 7,46

The Touchpoints Show group is influenced by Datatrics' personalization and therefore has a higher revenue per user. If this influence had not occurred, they would have the same revenue per user as the control (hide) group.

By multiplying the number of users of the Touchpoint show group by the revenue per user of the Control group, it is possible to find out how much the revenue of the Touchpoints seen group would have been without personalization.¹

By subtracting this revenue without personalization from the realized revenue in the Touchpoints show group, the additional revenue generated by Datatrics can be calculated.²

¹ Revenue Touchpoints Show group without personalization: 15,757 × €7.46 = €117,547.22

² Additional revenue: €125,090.80 - €117,547.22 = €7,543.58

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