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Abandoned cart emails via MailUp
Abandoned cart emails via MailUp

This article explains how to set up abandoned cart emails via MailUp

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Personalization endpoints are a premium feature in MailUp and can be activated at additional cost. Please contact MailUp to activate this feature.

To set up abandoned cart emails in Datatrics, make sure you connected MailUp correctly to Datatrics and added profileIDs to all URLs. This will also only work when you added our shopping cart and conversion script to your website.

The first step is to log in to your Datatrics project and add a new touchpoint to a smart campaign, you can name the campaign “MailUp touchpoints” for example.

The new touchpoint should be the type Mail > Feed:

As touchpoint content, filter the content that can be part of the abandoned cart content, all products in stock for example. Then choose the “Abandoned Cart” recommendation strategy:

Now publish the touchpoint by clicking on the green “Publish Touchpoint” button.

We will automatically make the abandoned cart touchpoint available in your MailUp project. 

Note: This can take up to an hour to show up. To check if it has been added, log in to your MailUp project and head over to Settings > Advanced settings > Advanced personalization and check if the API endpoint is added:

Now add the abandoned cart personalization endpoint to a MailUp template. Use the following manual if you’re not sure how: Adding a dynamic feed to a MailUp template

When this is set up, please contact us and request to start the abandoned cart synchronization to MailUp.

We will add two groups to your connected MailUp account:

  • Abandoned cart trigger

  • Abandoned cart received

When a known profile abandons their cart on your webshop, we’ll add the profile to the group “Abandoned cart trigger”.

To set up an automation for this, login to your MailUp account and head over to “Automation > Workflows” and create a new workflow. The starting event for the automation should be based on a group condition:

Now select the “Abandoned cart trigger” group on the right:

In the next screen, you can build your workflow. Drag the action “SEND EMAIL” in the flow and select the email with the abandoned cart personalization endpoint you created earlier.

Now edit the “END” phase of the workflow and select the “Move recipients from … to …” option. As the “from” group, choose the “Abandoned cart trigger” group, as the “to” group, choose the “Abandoned cart received” group like this:

In the next screen you can add optional settings, like segmentation conditions and sending time. The last screen enables you to save and activate the workflow.

After activation, abandoned cart emails will now be sent automatically via Datatrics through MailUp.

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