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Last Viewed

How does ‘last viewed’ work?

This strategy will show the customer their last viewed items.

When should I use this strategy?

You can use this strategy if you would like to target returning customers. This way they can proceed where they left off last time.

What are the requirements for using ‘last viewed’?

If you want to use this strategy, it is necessary to have the content item pages registered correctly!

Example of Last Viewed

Last Purchased

How does Last Purchased work?

The recommendation strategy ‘Last Purchased’ yields the last products registered as a conversion.

When should I use this strategy?

This strategy is great when you sell consumables or items with limited uses—products that need to be bought regularly. A couple of examples would be shampoo, razor blades, ink cartridges, or toilet paper.

What are the requirements for using this strategy?

Make sure the conversion script is implemented correctly.

Example of Last Purchased

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