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Favored items & Based on favored items
Favored items & Based on favored items

This article provides all the information you need to know to start using the strategies: Favored items & Based on favored items

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How does 'Favored items' work?

Let the visitor do most of the work for you! This simple strategy recommends the items added to the wishlist by the profile.

How does Based on favored items work?

This strategy is similar to the previous one, but it gives the visitors new inspiration by recommending items relevant to the content of their wishlist.

When should I use these strategies?

Those strategies are best used when you want to put extra emphasis on the visitor’s favored items or promote other items based on the profile’s wishlist.

What are the requirements for using Favored items & Based on favored items?

It is necessary to send the favored items to our tracking script to use those two strategies. This can be done with the following JavaScript events:

datatricsAddToFavorites(itemid, itemsource); datatricsDeleteFavorite(itemid, itemsource);

Example of the strategies in practice

A simple notification used as a reminder has a great synergy with these recommendation strategies!

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