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This article provides all the information you need to know to start using the Most relevant cart based strategy.

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How does this strategy work?

When choosing this strategy, the platform will recommend the most relevant content based on the customer’s shopping cart by comparing the other customers' purchase history.

For example, suppose a customer adds an iPhone to their shopping cart. In that case, the algorithm will recommend a pair of AirPods or an iPhone charger since the other users who purchased the phone also bought those accessories.

Over time, recommendations using this algorithm will improve.

When should I use this strategy?

This strategy is best used on the cart page to increase the Average Order Value by recommending other items related to those they are about to purchase that the customer might be interested in.

What are the requirements?

This recommendation only provides recommendations when the customer adds an item to his shopping cart and if the shopping cart script is correctly implemented on your website.

Example of Most relevant cart based use

The most common usage of this strategy is in the cart page, by adding a carousel of recommended products related to the items the customer has added to the shopping cart.

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