Note: You can now also use our Tracker Debugger for this! Documentation can be found over here.

Validation is done via your browser’s developer tools. The example below is a screenshot from Google Chrome.

Go to a page where the script should be present and go to the developer tools (right click > inspect). Click the “Network” tab, search for “datatrics idgoal=” and add a product to your cart. A request to our tracker should appear like the example below:

You can check the query string parameters (the info sent to our script) over here.

This request should always contain all items in the shopping cart, so not just the item you added to your cart.

You can also check via an API call if shopping carts are registered, with the API call below:{{projectid}}/sale?apikey={{apikey}}&q[goalid]=-1&includecount=0&limit=5

NOTE: It can take some time for conversions to appear when doing this API call.

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