Real-time behavioral data

In this article we will tell you all about the way in which we keep track of behavioral data.

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Are Datatrics recommendations and persuasions calculated in real-time?

Yes, they are!

One of the key features of Datatrics is our ability to showcase real-time recommendations and persuasions. All of our features are based on current data and will be updated accordingly. These updates happen instantly to make sure both you and your visitor know exactly what’s going on.


Datatrics shows personalized recommendations based on the activities of your visitors. Datatrics collects behavioral data to make sure the visitor always sees the recommendations that are most appropriate based on their spot in the customer journey.

This is an example of a product recommendation notification on a product page:


Persuasions are a very powerful tool to make visitors buy your product. We have the ability to show your visitor the current stock, number of sold items, number of viewed products, etc. This data is available in real-time due to the tracking script you place on your website and by connecting e-commerce tooling to our platform. Keeping track of these statistics requires no work on your end.

This is an example of a persuasion notification on a product page:

The articles “Audience targeting” and “Using dynamic values in touchpoints” explain how you can configure these touchpoints.

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