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Adding product recommendations on your shopping cart page
Adding product recommendations on your shopping cart page

This article will tell you all you need to know to add recommendations based on your shopping cart items.

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When visitors are on your shopping cart page they are interested in your products and will most likely proceed to the checkout. You can boost your average order value by adding product recommendations to your shopping cart page. Phrases like "people who bought X also bought Y" tend to be very effective.

This article assumes you know how to set up an embedded content touchpoint. Unclear on this topic? Check out this link.

Note: This touchpoint only works when you have the shopping cart script implemented correctly. Check out this link for more information.

Note: This touchpoint also requires the conversion script to be set up correctly. You can find more information here.

1.  Select Website - Embedded content.

2. Because the content selection is done by using historical data collected by the conversion script, you can simply set this to "all content".

3. Select "Most relevant cart based" as your recommendation strategy. Your items will now be recommended based on items that were previously bought together.

4. Go to your CSS selector and make sure the position of your content is on the shopping cart page.

5. Set the audience settings to "URL / contains / cart (or your website's path for the cart).

Following these steps you will be able to show products on your shopping cart page that are relevant to the items currently in the shopping cart.

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