After connecting your ESP, CMS, and other integrations, you will not immediately see the profiles in the platform. Depending on when you connect the channels, it can take up to the next day before they are visible in the front end of Datatrics.

If you are interested in knowing how we identify the profiles, you can read more about the way of identifying via this link.

After connecting the channels to gather profile information, they will be visible within our database first. It can take up to 30 minutes to 1hour before you can find them within our database.

You can find the profiles using the following endpoint:{{projectid}}/profile?cache=1&apikey=

Do take note that you first have to create your own API key. You can do that within the platform here. The above endpoint will get all the profiles from all the connected sources.

Sometimes it can also be handy to get the profiles from one specific source. You can then use the following endpoint:{{projectid}}/profile?q[source]=sourcename&apikey=

Other parameters that can be handy to use are:

  • q[email] to get one specific profile based on email

  • q[profileid] to get one specific profile based on profileid

When you use the above endpoints, you will get a response when successful with all the profiles that we have found. If you don’t get a response, it could be due to a mistake in the connected channel. If that is the case, you should troubleshoot this.

When the profiles have been synced to the platform, they will be visible within the audience section of the platform. You will see the segments like below:

You can click on the segment, and the profiles within the segment will load. The profiles we gather from each integration are known profiles and thus will be clickable.

After performing these steps, you have verified that the profiles are successfully synced to Datatrics.

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