Now that you have access to your project, you can follow the instructions listed in this article to set everything up and start using Datatrics in your marketing channels.

You can add team members to your project

You may not be the only one in your team who will be working with Datatrics. Therefore, you can add team members to your project and, after that, share any link from the Help Center with them. Check out this article to see how you can add your team members.

How to set up your project

This checklist will guide you through all the steps needed to get your project ready.

  1. Tracking scripts explained

  2. Tracker & e-commerce scripts decision guide

  3. Importing content into Datatrics

  4. Syncing and identifying profiles

More info?

If you need more information about one of the steps needed to configure your project or you have any questions related to Datatrics, take a look at all the articles available to you in our Help Center. You can also get in touch with the technical support team through the live chat, available on every Datatrics page via the dedicated icon in the bottom right corner of the (current) window.

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