To add a team member in Datatrics, go to the project settings of your project. You can find this option as shown in the image below.

In the project settings you can choose the Team tab:

After clicking on the Team tab, you get the following page:

1: You can type the email of a team member over here.
2: You can give the team members view access or you can give them admin access.
3: By clicking on Send Invite, the team member wil get an invitation in their inbox and is part of the project.

View access: Team members with this level of access can look at everything in the project but do not have the ability to change anything. This is great when you want someone to keep an eye on performance without them changing anything

Admin access: Team members with this level of access can view and change anything they want.

Once a team member is added, you can change their accessibility or you can delete them as a team member, see the image below:

That's it, you can add as many team members as you want.

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