Customer types

A description of the different customer types used in Datatrics

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This customer type is known for the fact that he or she has no specific need or desire. He or she possibly wanders around looking for an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

Characteristics: gathering information or browsing online, not in a hurry to purchase


This customer possibly knows what he or she wants, has a specific intention and is focused on achieving a particular goal. 

Characteristics: has done preliminary research, low activity


This customer visits the store on a whim and is not having the intention to buy something initially. They will possibly make purchase decisions on impulse, acting on what seems good at that time.

Characteristics: usually not needing anything in particular, ‘’wanders’’ through an (online) shop when visiting


This customer shops frequently, however buying decisions depend on economic and personal financial situations.

Characteristics: trying to minimize costs and looking for the best deals, pays attention to local deals but may also conduct price comparisons online before going to a store


This customer is possibly the most loyal one, frequently visiting the shop and buying products.

Characteristics: frequent visits, new products, more than the average lifetime value

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