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This article describes how to submit feature requests, how we evaluate them, and how you can vote on them.

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Feature requests are a crucial part of the development of Datatrics, and we offer a portal for our customers to submit them. You can submit feature requests by clicking the plus button in the screen's bottom left corner.

How to access the product roadmap in our platform

To access the product roadmap portal, click on the question mark icon on the top right of Datatrics, and you will find the new "Roadmap" section:

Submitting a request

Before submitting a new feature request, it's always a good idea to search the existing requests to see if someone has already suggested the same feature or functionality. If you find an existing request that matches what you want to suggest, you can upvote it to show your support and add your comments or use cases.

When submitting a new request, make sure you explain the request thoroughly. You can think of:

  • Clear statements about what the feature is (or will be)

  • Descriptions of how the feature may work

  • Explanations illustrating the problem the new feature will solve

  • Descriptions of scenarios that demonstrate the requested feature in action

After submitting

Once a feature request has been submitted, we will evaluate it to determine whether it is feasible to implement. This evaluation may involve several factors, such as the requested feature's complexity, its impact on the product's existing functionality, and the resources required to develop and test it.

If a feature request is deemed feasible, we will work with you to gather additional information and clarify any requirements. This may involve conducting an interview, reviewing analytics data, or creating mockups or prototypes.

Sometimes it's necessary to gather extra information on how important it is for our users. In that case, we will add the feature request to the "Under consideration" tab for users to vote on. The more votes (with clear explanations on why it would bring extra value), the higher the chance we will add it to our roadmap.

We don't offer timelines on when we will pick up feature requests, but once we start working on it, feature requests are moved to the "Being build" tab of the portal.

Launched features

Launched features and other releases are grouped in the "Launched" tab of the portal. This part of the portal is updated at least twice a month.

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