Can I add a custom font to my touchpoints?
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You cannot add or upload custom fonts to Datatrics. However, if a specific font is available on the website and here the tracking script is active, you can use this font in your website touchpoints.

You can adopt a custom font by inspecting a textual element on the website and placing the font-family CSS in your elements in Datatrics.

Available Datatrics fonts

“Bakbak One”,
“Baloo Bhaijaan 2",
“Francois One”,
“Fuzzy Bubbles”,
“IBM Plex Sans Thai”,
“Luxurious Script”,
“Meow Script”,
“Noto Sans”,
“Noto Sans Display”,
“Noto Sans JP”,
“Noto Sans KR”,
“Noto Sans Mandaic”,
“Noto Serif Malayalam”,
“Open Sans”,
“Open Sans Condensed”,
“Orelega One”,
“Playfair Display”,
“PT Sans”,
“Readex Pro”,
“Redacted Script”,
“Roboto Condensed”,
“Roboto Mono”,
“Roboto Slab”,
“Source Sans 3",
“Source Sans Pro”,
“Ubuntu Mono”,
“Work Sans”

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