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In this article we will tell you how you can upload coupons and how to use them in your touchpoints

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You may want to use discount coupons in your touchpoints to boost your conversions. A good example here is using them when creating an exit intent popup to make people question whether they actually want to leave. Want to know how to create one? Check out this link!

There are a few ways in which you can create discount coupons. The easiest way when you are using either Lightspeed or Shopify, as we can create discount coupons via the API connection. All you have to do is connect one of those channels to Datatrics and then select them in the coupon menu. This is what it looks like:

Simply select the discount value and you're ready to go.

Another way is by uploading coupons manually. This can be done using a CSV file.

For this example we created a spreadsheet and filled in some discount codes from our e-commerce shop. Now all we have to do is save this as a CSV file and upload it in the coupon tab when editing a touchpoint:

You can use these coupons in your touchpoints by using the "{{coupon_code}} attribute. The touchpoint will stop showing when you're out of coupons.

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