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How to increase brand awareness
How to increase brand awareness
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It is important that people not only buy a product from you, but also know who you are. You want them to think of your website the moment they think about the type of products / services you sell. Some ways to promote this are:

  • Use the recommendation ruling option to make sure items related to your brand are more heavily weighed when selecting content. You can do this by going into your recommendation ruling settings and adding a weight to "brand". Need a more detailed breakdown? Check out this link!

  • Using Datatrics segments in your advertisement tools. You can specify this to only target loyal customers. This will make them feel like they are closely connected to the company. You can do this by creating a segment, setting the targeting to "loyal" by adding conversion quality or quantity values (example: average conversion value > 100) and setting it to export to the advertisement platform of your choice. Datatrics will now send all profiles who meet these criteria to your advertisement tools as a segement

  • Create a lookalike audience in your advertisement tools based on your loyal customers.

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