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CanopyDeploy trigger synchronization
CanopyDeploy trigger synchronization

This article describes how to add Datatrics tables to your CanopyDeploy (Data) Model for trigger synchronization.

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To synchronize shopping carts and custom triggers to CanopyDeploy, you need to add two tables to you CanopyDeploy data Model. To do this, go to CanopyDeploy to the “Model” section under “DATA MANAGEMENT” in the sidebar.

You will find you data model here, click on the “Add table” button to add the first new table for the trigger synchronization.

Look for your “customer” table and drag a connection from this table to the newly added table like this:

Now edit the new table by clicking on the cogwheel. In the popup, enter the following name:

  • Datatrics_triggers

Also add the following new fields by clicking on the “+” button:

  • name: trigger_id
    type: string (Dutch: Alfanumeriek)

  • name: trigger_type
    type: string (Dutch: Alfanumeriek)

  • name: trigger_timestamp
    type: date and time

  • name: recoveryHash
    type: string (Dutch: Alfanumeriek)

See an example below:

Now add another table by clicking on the “Add table” button. Now drag a connection from the table you added first (Datatrics_triggers) to the new table. Choose the connection type “A record in table Datatrics_triggers contains one or more records from new_table”:

Now edit the new table and name it:

  • Datatrics_items

Also add the following fields, all with a string type (Dutch: Alfanumeriek):

  • trigger_id

  • itemid

  • source

  • name

  • description

  • image

  • url

  • price

  • special_price

  • category

  • quantity

See an example below:

Don't forget to save the new model by clicking on the "Save" button in the top left.

Now you can use the CanopyDeploy triggers in our Hybrid Campaigns and follow up on profiles via CanopyDeploy based on their behaviour/characteristics.

If you want an abandoned cart synchronisation, make sure you implemented the shopping cart script. Then contact us and we can start the synchronization.

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