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The importance of identifying unknown visitors
The importance of identifying unknown visitors

This article explains the ways Datatrics identifies unknown visitors and why this is important.

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Datatrics connects to a lot of data sources and gathers a lot of data from them. In most of your data sources, profiles are accompanied with personal data, but this isn’t (always) the case for your website. Our tracking script tracks visitors, but it doesn’t immediately know who it is.

To get the most out of their website behavior, to use it in email flows for example, you need to make sure you identify visitors in the most possible ways.

There are three main steps to take for identifying website visitors:

The first two can be done by most marketeers, for the last one you need to know how to implement it in your website through JavaScript.

The earlier you implement these methods and the more you use, the better Datatrics can identify each and every visitor and target them not only on your website, but also on other channels.

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