Let the algorithm decide

How does Let the algorithm decide work?

Technically this is not a recommendation strategy as this option will allow the algorithm to decide the recommendation strategy for you. It does this by looking at all data about this specific visitor and its events and any other previous customer journey to get the best possible result.

When should I use this strategy?

This option is generally best used when you are unsure which selection is best. Having the algorithm decide is always better than wildly guessing by yourself. Therefore it is the default selected strategy.

What are the requirements for using Let the algorithm decide?

There are no requirements for this strategy. This strategy automatically assigns the best-fitting recommendation strategy.

Most relevant

How does Most relevant work?

The system will look at the visitor’s general profile when choosing this option. Data from the visitor, like current pages, viewed pages, and favored items, will be weighed to return the most relevant content items. Therefore this strategy will adapt and change served content items during the visitor's session. Over time, recommendations using this algorithm will improve.

When should I use this strategy?

This option is great when you want to promote the most relevant items based on the general information about the visitor. This strategy is quite general, so this can cause more generic items served in your recommendations, on the other hand.

What are the requirements for using Most relevant?

There are no requirements for this strategy.

Most popular

How does Most popular work?

This strategy is based on the most relevant strategy, but it mainly uses the statistics from sold content items to return content. The most sold items will therefore be returned in most cases.

This does not always mean these items are best fitted to this individual profile, but it takes some of the profile's preferences into account.

When should I use this strategy?

This is best used when you have some very popular products and want to go all-in on these already popular products. You can use this ideally on pages having a lot of traffic like homepages.

What are the requirements for using Most popular?

There are no strict recommendations, although we do recommend having eCommerce conversions.

Example of Let the algorithm decide, Most relevant & Most popular

Touchpoints with these algorithms often consist of similar notifications with a straightforward recommendation. You can use the product recommendation touchpoint from our library for an easy configuration. These strategies can be used as embedded homepage recommendations as well.

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