How can I update my billing information?

Check out this article if you want to know how to change your plan, contact address, billing address, and payment information.

First, head over to or navigate to your name and project in the header → account settings → account.

Here you can view all the relevant information about your account and billing. Click on the change or edit buttons to change your plan or billing settings. Fill in the part(s) that need an update and click on ‘Done’ when you finish editing these settings.


You can find your invoices when clicking ‘Billing’ on the left of the account page. Here you can find and download all the past invoices.


Head over to the Sessions on the left of the account page if you wonder if the number of sessions based on the license fee is correct. Here you can find all the relevant information about the number of sessions that Datatrics has tracked over the past months.

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