If you would like to use recommendation strategies based on categories, it is needed to have your categories set up correctly within your content.

You can read more about how to place categories within your content here. After the categories have been set up, the content will show a categories object. One or multiple categories can be described within these categories. You can read more about it here.

After this is done correctly, you can see all your defined categories within your content section. Go to the content tab within your project, and click on the categories tab.

Here you can see all the defined categories within your project. It’s also possible to order by updated or the name of the categories. You can also search for specific categories.

Within the list of categories, you can click on a category to see the number of items that belong to that category. As also mentioned in the other articles, they have a categoryid, URL, and name.

You can click on the “view” button to see the exact amount of products that belong to that category.

As these categories are filled with items, these categories can be used in touchpoints that use the recommendation strategies based on categories.

One important note is that the URL of the categories should exactly match the category page URL on the website in order for this to work.

If you want to know more about recommendation strategies, you can read up on these via this link.

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