After placing the (e-commerce) scripts or connecting a CMS that will track your website conversions, it is essential to make sure that the website conversions are being tracked correctly.

When you have implemented enhanced e-commerce within GTM, it’s important to check if all the events are correctly pushed to the DataLayer. However, capturing an event within GTM does not necessarily have to mean that we have captured the website conversions accurately. This document shows how you can check if the website conversions have been captured correctly.

First, you can make a test conversion and track this by using our debugger within Datatrics. On the top right, you can find a “help” button.

Click on the button, and open the debugger. You will now be forwarded to your website, and you will see that the debugger has loaded.

By using our debugger in the conversion tab, it is possible to see what items have been bought in the last 24 hours. Products are displayed in these two tabs with the item id, amount, name, and price. After making the test conversion, you will see a new conversion in the Conversion tab:

Another way to check the website conversions is by using the API. You can use the following endpoint to see your website conversions:{{projectid}}/sale?q[goalid]=0&apikey={{apikey}}

The response will look as follows:

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